Infant classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors in a sanitized and safe environment.

Self Exploration Zone

We strive to acquaint the children with the outside world and bring them closer to nature. Our Activity Center is loaded with puzzles, toys, abacus.

Prioritizing Hygiene

We worship the place of learning and thus, maintaining hygiene around the school is always on our priority list.


16 high-resolution cameras have been put at pivotal places covering the entire building area both inside and outside for 24×7 live view of school through Internet.

Health Check-up

We organize regular health check-up camps for providing a healthy playschool environment to the little ones.


All round development of children is the motto of the educational process in M.G.M. For that, hidden potentials ofevery child isexplored and given exposure.With that in mind various opportunities for students to take part in extra and co-curricular activities are provided in the school.Co-operationof the parents is highly essential to achieve the desired goal.

Students are encouraged to take part in various activities like

  • Sports&Games : Coaching in, Cricket, Basket Ball,Football, Badminton Table Tennis etc for classes VI-XII.
  • Yoga :Classes VI-XII
  • Picture Composition : Classes VI–XII
  • Debate / Speech / Declamation : Classes VI to XII (English & Hindi)
  • Group Recitation : Classes 1 to V (English & Hindi)
  • Spell Bee : Classes I to XII (English)
  • Drawing & Painting : Classes I-X.
  • Music & Dance : Classes I-X
  • Quiz Competition / Olympiads :Classes I-XII

These activities are to develop the dormant potentials in the young boys & girls. Quiz, Debate, Symposium, Projects, field trips.are regular features.

To create competitive spirit among them, all students are grouped in to four houses, i.e.Gandhi, Nehru, Patel & Madhusudan, Games and cultural competitions are conducted among thehouses.Each house is guided by a House Master and a HouseMistress. Additional members of the staff are also allotted for thehouses.

Participation and achievements in extra and co-curricular activities are an integral part of assessments in co-scholastic areas for assigning marks/grades. And weight age ssuggested by the Board are applicable.


Well-equipped spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, are available for the students to perform their practical’s according to the ICSE &ISC syllabus

Transport Facility

  1. Bringing the children to school is the responsibility of parents. Transport arrangements by the school is only to help parents. Hence Parents are expected to pay bus fees regularly and meet the expenses of the transportation.
  2. Once you avail school bus facility, you have to pay fees for all the 12 months, you cannot leave in between.
  3. Discipline in bus is equivalent to discipline in campus.
  4. Any time you are dissatisfied with the school bus service, you are welcome to register your grievances with the school authorities. However, misbehaving with the bus employees or entering into the school bus will be considered an offence and appropriate legal proceeding will be taken against the offender.
  5. Bus pass is compulsory
  6. When the fuel prices go up, we may resort to increasing the bus fees in order to avoid unreasonable losses.
  7. School buses will run only on working days, if there is any activity on other days, parents will have to find conveyance to reach students to the school, School bus facility will be given to students on a ‘‘first come, first serve’’ basis.
  8. School will not be responsible for any money or valuables given to the bus employees.

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