An intelligent use of the bodily organs in a child provides the best and the  quickest way of developing the intellect. The development of the mind and body must go hand in hand with a corresponding awakening of the soul. Hence a proper and all round development of the intellect can take place only when it proceeds with the education of the Physical and Spiritual features of the child, that constitute an individual whole. MGM aims at developing each child into such a holistic personality. Such perfect personality developed in MGM will have no shade of darkness with them.

MGM represented by the letter MGM in the shape of a heart over the book, with the inscription ‘TAMASO MA JYOTIR GAMAYA’ means remove all darkness of illiteracy from hearts through right wisdom (Education) for a better Nation and World.

The most impressionable period of a child’s growth is up to six years of age. Though learning starts from the womb of the mother and the apt age to start formal education is two years. The child needs a friendly environment and trained teachers during this period.

The salient features of the human developmental programme of MGM Education aims at wholistic development of the child.

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